If She Loves was founded by Vivian Kim. Having worked in the retail industry for an extensive 14 years, Vivi found a real limitation of what her suppliers would bring to the table. Often times she was left unsatisfied when it came to clothes that were in tune with the current fashion trend, that possessed a reasonable price and good fit. If she found a piece she really liked the product was always overpriced, at other times the clothing would be overly designed, way too much for own personal taste. As she looked around it seemed like the fashion industry was missing distinctiveness. Vivi didn’t want to be wearing the clothes of the masses, clothing that could be quickly identified from a mainstream store, she desired exclusivity at a lower cost.

 When Vivi was looking for clothes, she wanted something that could bring some attention and compliments but without overdoing it. She searched for clothes that offered versatility, pieces that could be worn in many different ways. 

As brand we are committed to offering women clothes that obtain enough trend information of what is fashionable in the current market. We would like to provide comfortable apparel, pieces that would fit well right away. Clothing with individuality where one could wear the same outfit at a variety of occasions, while dropping the kids off at school, going to work, lunching at a restaurant, a night out with friends. The special thing about our brand is that everything is curated with love. Vivi personally wears and tests the fit of each garment of every collection before it all goes to into production. 

As a working mom of three boys, Vivi is on a pursuit to create and provide the women of today, clothing that is practical, comfortable, timeless, beautiful and not least important, affordability!