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Amicis Lilian Oversized Shirt

“Trust in God, believe in yourself, follow your dreams and don’t give up.” Vivian Kim

Made in the city of Angels

IF SHE LOVES is a young contemporary clothing brand with a delicate and romantic essence in every piece. Designed for women who seek femininity, confidence and comfort.

14 Years before IF SHE LOVES

As a young child, I grew up in a family who owned a business specializing in women’s clothing and retail. However my passion for fashion wasn’t ignited until the age of 19. With the help of my husband, this discovery led me to pursue an education at Fashion School in Sao Paulo, Brazil and John Casablanca’s Institute in Vancouver, BC. Upon completing my studies, we headed back home to Brazil, where I open my very first retail store, 'DOCE VIDA.' It became my first venture into the ever changing fashion industry, and lasted 14 years. Through DOCE VIDA, my team and I built up a strong clientele, amazing distributor relationships, and 5 retail stores throughout the city of Sao Paulo, all while creating beautiful and lasting memories with all of those who crossed our path.

With DOCE VIDA now in the care of my family back in Brazil, I’m given a new opportunity to cultivate the creative side of my passion through the development of my own personal line. 

I love what I do and I will never forget why I chose this beautiful path of the fashion industry.

Beauty inspired, from vision to product, I lovingly introduce, 'IF SHE LOVES' by Vivian Kim.


We want women to feel joyful, beautiful, loved, and confident at all times through a fashionable lifestyle. All of our clothes were curated with the intent to give women positivity, while attracting compliments from others through pieces that are charming, comfortable and distinctive. Everything we offer is proudly MADE IN THE CITY OF ANGELS!